Website Marketing for Small Businesses
The Ultimate Guide

Your website is your best marketing tool. Even if you normally rely on customer referrals, a website with great visuals and valuable content can set you apart from your competitors and increase your revenue.

Plus, customer buying habits are quickly changing in the current business environment.

You need to know what your customers are searching for right now and how you can make sure these people find your website.

In this guide, I’ll teach you how to bring more people to your website. No marketing mumbo-jumbo, no expensive software, no confusing techniques.

Just simple strategies, free tools and clear examples you can use now to get a lot more visitors to your website and boost your bottom line.

1. What is website marketing?

Website marketing means promoting a business website in order to bring in more visitors. These visitors should be people who are likely to purchase the business’s services or products. More visitors means more opportunities to try to convince potential customers to buy.

what is website marketing definition

Website marketing usually means getting on the first page of search results.

You can get on the first page of search results by:

  1. Putting great content on your website
  2. Using tips and tricks to get search engines like Google to find you better
  3. Social media posts

A marketing website often has the following:

  • A sales page where visitors can book services and lists reviews, benefits and features
  • And/or an online store
  • A blog that builds authority and promotes your product
  • A social media plugin that visitors can use to share your posts
  • Links to your social media pages
  • An about page that creates confidence in your company
  • Supporting visuals that inspire emotions and show clearly what you offer
  • Case studies
  • Free downloads like an eBook or white paper in exchange for an email address
  • Mobile optimization

For example, the sales page or landing page. Small businesses need them to “close the deal,” whether you’re selling software or other digital products, a service or physical items.


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