Video SEO - 5 Tips How To Rank A Video In Google
Along with social media, video SEO is slowly rising in consumer importance and acceptance. Many businesses are looking into the various forms of marketing and forms of brand promotion through online social media.

Business websites are fast evolving past the standard looking static brochure or information hub.

These sites are quickly evolving, with more interactive offerings to site visitors. Webpages now include many sections, such as the comments forms, blog posts, forums for discussion, and also video sections. Businesses are offering more info and they are allowing better consumer feedback options.

One of the current SEO industry trend how to rank a video. Internet marketers who are smart are aware of this, and its importance should not be ignored. It is perhaps a wonder why YouTube produces a lot of success stories particularly in the marketing circles on the Internet.

The base line is the fact that videos are becoming an acceptable way of teaching, entertaining, and selling to any audience niche. Even a search engine giant such as Google is aware of the value that quality videos provide, thus their placement in the search results are often very good.

Though buying Youtube social signals video ranking in Google is much simpler than attempting to rank a simple website, videos still require optimization to achieve the best results. The following are the top tips that should be implemented correctly in order to help propel any video to Google's front page.

Quality is Vital

When it comes to SEO on the Internet, it is essential to provide content of top quality to the visitors. The type of content provided should be a representation of all efforts expended. And though the principle "Content is King" sounds old-fashioned, there is no denying how valuable it is, even in the current age. The content should not be misleading, instead it should either have entertainment or informational value to anybody viewing it.

Keyword Rich Title

Similar to how Google places high importance on websites with good keyword placement, the same circumstances apply to videos. Keywords should be added to the title. It is preferred for the targeted keyword or phrase to be visible at the beginning of the text, however it should not in any way ruin the integrity or the meaning of the title. Within the title, the main keyword or synonyms can be used.

Relevant file names to the video.

Try using keywords so that it can be easily indexed for the related query. Caption your videos where ever possible. This helps to make the video accessible to the end users, which is an added benefit to SEO. Ensure to submit a video sitemap in the right format including keyword tags, description. This keeps the video in the search engine good books. Also use keywords in the description of the video. It will aid the effect of mentioning keywords in the title tag. As a practice post the videos on your website as well. This will help the viewer to understand the context in which the video by just browsing through your site.


Since videos do not generally contain a lot of text information, tags must be used in order to make Google understand what the video is about. YouTube tags and related keywords should be included to achieve the best results. The tag count, however, must be kept reasonable.


If the video uploaded includes speech, it is smart, though often overlooked, to work on a transcription. Once transcribed, the annotations should be uploaded to YouTube as well. Many studies have shown that these annotations are indexed by Google. Therefore if the main key phrase or word is a part of the annotation, the rankings can improve. It is important, however, that the keyword to be mentioned in the actual video.

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